About brooke

Where it all started

As a child I grew up in my grandmothers salon and spa. While she and my mother worked, I played with makeup, watched beauty procedures and flipped through magazines. My world has always been filled with the beauty industry. I've always been in awe of makeup and what it can create. Growing up in the era of Youtube helped anchor my passion. For years my mother would enter my room before bed to me, re-creating a look I had seen on the internet. I only wanted to practice so that I could one day do it, I wasn't aware I could create a career from "playing around". A teacher from my cosmetology class saw my talent and persuaded me to attend Complexions Schools of Makeup Art and design, and the rest is history.

My Philosophy

I have grown up around strong, independent, confident women - who have always shared and encouraged my creativity and love for makeup. They've always used it as a tool to evoke confidence, to enhance their features without hiding their identity. My goal is to do the same for my clients. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel comfortable in your skin.